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anna featherstone

Anna Featherstone Port Writers

Anna Featherstone on Publishing

    Come and dive deep into the Various Paths to Publication with multiple published author, Anna Featherstone. Anna has traveled both the traditional and self-published routes and has researched what works and how to make the journey easier. No matter whether you write fiction or non-fiction, the principles are the same. Explore the many ways authors can now publish, the benefits and shortcomings of those methods as well as literary and foreign rights agents. By the time you finish your manuscript, writing will seem like the easy part! Publishing is a multi-faceted process and every writer will benefit from gaining knowledge… Read More »Anna Featherstone on Publishing

    Writing the Short Story

      Writing short stories sound so easy … it’s only a few thousand words on a page, not double-digit thousands, right? A lot of people diminish the effort required to produce a highly readable short story. Fortunately, though, there is something of a resurgence in the popularity of the form these days. When writing a novel one can get lost in literary form, tantalising description, full blown character development and take your time with the denouement. A short on the other hand has to create only enough character, scene, and plot to engage a reader without exploding into a myriad of… Read More »Writing the Short Story