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2020 Winners


CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the Port Writers Inc 2020 Writing Competition


First Place: ‘Reds Under the Beds’ – Robin Hammond

Second Place: ‘The Coomai Coming-Out Ball’ – Janeen Samuel

Third Place: ‘Fresh baked bread and memories’ – Leonie Harrison


First Place: ‘The Exhibition’ – Alex Nelson

Second Place: ‘Pilgrimage’ – Kerrin O’Sullivan

Third Place: ‘Reawakening’ – Leonie Harrison

Highly Commended: ‘Salvation’ – Shirley Fletcher

 Highly Commended: ‘Keeping Words’ – Zena Shapter


First Place: ‘On the Eve of it All’ – Kate Maxwell

Second Place: ‘Fivemile Junction’ – Deb Wain

Third Place: ‘Ode to Jindi the Dog’ – Sarah Rice