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Q: What is a writers group?

A: A community of like-minded people interested in exploring and developing their writing journey.

Q: What do writers groups do?

A: Support each other, educate and learn techniques to improve writing skills and knowledge, constructively critique each others work, offer advice and tips on the stage and aspect of interest to a writer, act as cheerleaders to encourage and celebrate progress, be a friend in the necessarily isolated world of writing.

Q: How helpful are writing groups?

A: Very. Writing is a private endeavour and being part of a group provides a social outlet for like-minded people while providing understanding and a sounding board for ideas and overcoming obstacles on the writing road. Recognised writers attest to the benefit of being a member of a writers group such as mutual support, sharing advice and information, and providing opportunities for getting published.

Q: Are there only fiction writing groups?

A: No, not at all. Some groups may focus on one domain or genre but at Port Writers, we are open to all forms of writing – fiction, creative non-fiction, non-fiction, poetry, scriptwriting … we believe there are fundamentals that all writing shares.

Q: Can I only join a writers group near me?

A: Often, yes, but not always. Most writers groups cover a geographical area but one thing we learned from the pandemic is to be flexible. Port Writers welcomes any writers who may be traveling through or holidaying in the area to join us for a meeting.