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What writer doesn’t want to be published?

The thrill and pride of seeing your name in print is a delightful reward and validation of your writing capability.

While most of us would love to write an entire book (or ten), some are satisfied with having their words recognised in a Port Writers’ publication: one of the advantages of joining a writing group.

For readers, a publication from a writers’ group is a way of accessing wonderful works for a very reasonable investment.

Ready to Read?

Port Ponderings: A Collection of Creativity

Between the pages of Port Ponderings you will find anecdotes, stories, and poetry celebrating the fifth anniversary of our writing group, Port Writers. An expression of our diversity, life experiences, and imaginations, this collection is a tribute to our love of writing. Stories from Port Macquarie to Afghanistan and in between, a book to be savoured in morsels to truly taste the essence of each piece. 

– Read a sample from the collection

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Beyond the Three Brothers: Stories From Henry Kendall Country:Camden Haven and Port Macquarie

A collection of stories from the Port Macquarie and Camden Haven areas of the NSW Mid North Coast. Tales from today and yesteryear, this is an anthology by members of Port Writers and local writers.

Available from

Books Ends in Kendall

Port Macquarie Maritime Museum

Book Face in Port Macquarie or

The Laurieton Museum

General Pricing $25 or from [email protected] $20 plus postage

writers inks 2018

Writers Inks – 4th Edition, 2018

An annual collection of members’ stories, verse and more.

Available from [email protected].

$2 member price;

$4 non-member price.

writers inks 2017

Writers Inks – 3rd Edition, 2017

An annual collection of members’ stories, verse and more.

Available from …Comboyne Community Centre, Flynns Bookshop Cafe or [email protected]

$2 for members

$4 non-members

port writers inks 2016 2nd ed

Writers Inks – 2nd Edition, 2016

A special edition of members’ collected stories, verses, and more.

Available from … Comboyne Community Centre, [email protected]

$2 for members

$4 non-members

writers inks 2016

Writers Inks – 1st Edition, 2016

The first edition of our members’ writing collection.

No longer available for purchase.

Copies may be available at Port Macquarie Hastings Libraries.