Port Writers Open Competition

Having a deadline and a goal focuses the mind. The PORT WRITERS Open Literary Writing Competition is designed to do just that.

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Port Writers Open Writing Competition

As a local writing group, it’s our remit to help our writers develop their craft. Comparing progress internally is one thing but testing your words and structures with outsiders sharpens your strengths and areas of need.

Our writing competition aims to be conducted annually to give our writers an opportunity to bring their best to the fore and provide the broader writing community with a chance to test their own mettle in the written word world.

Details will appear on this page when the Port Writers Writing Competition is announced, along with specific criteria, dates, forms and submission processes. Keep an eye out 🙂

Port Writers 2021 Open Literary Competition is now closed and all entries are being reviewed. Winners will be notified and announced in September.

In the meantime, keep writing!