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Port 500 – March 2021 Winner

    Port500 Competition

    And March’s Purple Star went to Mel Wass, again  🙂  Well done, Mel! 

    We’re really challenging ourselves for April, borrowing from one of the harder Australian Writers’ Centre Furious Fiction competitions

    The Port500 trophy is the much-contested spoils of winning our monthly short-short competition. Each month we set criteria for a 500 word story. Entry is open to members of Port Writers Inc.

    Our April Port 500 challenge is to write a 500 word story that must
    • begin at sunrise.
    • use the words ‘signature’, patient’ and ‘bicycle’ (or their plurals)
    • include a character who must make a choice.

    If this sort of fun floats your boat please think of joining our supportive writer’s group.