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Wendy Haynes – Hayden’s Bedtime

Illustrated by Brett Curzon

For children aged three to six years published by Inprint Publishing HB RRP ISBN: 9780987643506

Hayden begs his dad to check not  under his bed, behind his door, inside his cupboard and in his drawer to allay his fears about the legendary ‘monster under the bed’. 

Available from Book Face, Port Macquarie and online bookstores.


Hayley Lawrence – Inside the Tiger

Young Adult fiction published by Penguin, Australia in September, 2018
A powerful first novel dealing with life, loss and the redemptive power of love.

It’s not because Bel’s mother was murdered.
It’s not because her father is a politician.
Bel writes to a Death Row prisoner as an easy way out of an assignment.

But now he’s written back.

Drawn to Micah’s world inside a Thai prison, Bel finds herself falling for the boy with ragged hair, shackles and a terrible past. But is she setting herself up for more loss? And will loving him mean losing the people who mean the most to her at home?

Available from Book Face, Port Macquarie and online bookstores


Rita Spencer – Still Voices

Book Still voices

STILL VOICES is Rita’s first venture into self-publishing and was released in January, 2018.  It tells the story of a family through five generations that locates them firmly within their historical context.  Using the genre of creative non-fiction Rita fills the gaps between known and unknown, puts flesh and blood on the bare bones of the facts and enlivens her characters.

For writers interested in bringing facts to life without compromising the integrity of the facts themselves, it is an invaluable read; a study in how to avoid the ever-threatening stodginess of factual narrative. Whether it’s the interactive author directly addressing ancestors, reflecting with the reader, telling amusing tales of the genealogy search itself or heart-warming personal reactions to her discoveries, this work is engaging and entertaining.  Included are poems and pieces of fiction where facts always lurk.  The creative genre is used to enliven what is a 216 page, academically sound piece of research, all catalogued in fourteen pages of bibliography. Still Voices has also been beautifully produced with full colour throughout and an alluring cover design.

Rita can be contacted on 0428 656 271



Bessie Jennings – Weird and Wonderful, 2016 verse

Weird and Wonderful book cover

Some B/W illustrations; cover in colour featuring father emu wearing a, ‘MR MUM’ label. Several of the items – about ‘weird’ Australians – are about animals, including award-winning MYRTLE THE TURTLE – and would appeal to children. Others are about ‘wonderful’ Australians, e.g. award-winning IN THE SLEEPER-CUTTING DAYS  and NAMES ON THE CENOTAPH. Some for all ages.

 Bessie can be contacted on 6583 5255 or 0419 482 828.

$5/copy or $6 posted.



Gillian Scott – Threads of Time

Dr Gillian Scott was a university lecturer in Biology for many years before deciding to devote more time to Botanical Art after she had studied with Mary Grierson in the UK in 1975.

In 1991, Gillian was this country’s first winner of the prestigious Gold Medal of the Royal Horticultural Society (UK) and she was accepted as a member of the International Society of Botanical Artists at its foundation in 1986. She is also a Founding Member of The Botanical Art Society of Australia and of the Botanical Artists’ Society of Queensland.

Gillian can be contacted  on 02 6583 8693





Geoff Collins –The Improbable Adventures and Exploits of Mabel Hawkins 2