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Frank Urban – Port500 Winner

    Frank wins Port500

    At our latest meeting, members and guests voted on a quality collection of stories entered for the Port500 using specific words and phrases. Frank Urban was a clear winner with his 500 words stretching the imagination in a concoction involving Donald Trump and Greta Thunberg.

    January was a fun meeting with a visual prompt exercise run by Tom Penrose. Fascinating to see the varied viewpoints of the prompt from different writers. Just goes to show how everything is filtered by our experience, knowledge and emotion. It reinforces the point that, even though other people may have written something before, they haven’t written it from your perspective. Put that hoary chestnut “but it’s already been written about by much better writers” out of your head: this exercise demonstrated it’s a fallacy.

    It was delightful to chat with members and visitors to see where everyone is up to in their writing journey. Looking forward to the February meeting. Sharpen those pencils for the next writing challenge!

    Sharpen up for next meeting