Members’ Books

Selection of Members’ Books

At Port Writers, we celebrate our members’ achievements, whether they’ve written their first line, their first book, or a new book.

Here is a sample of works available to please everyone. Purchase details noted with each publication.

Living Lines Are Never Straight

Barbara Orlowska-Westwood’s latest publication. Cover by

If you love poetry then you’ll enjoy this collection.

Barbara partners her pen with delightful artwork to appeal to the senses.

In Barbara’s typical lyrical form she creates beauty from words and her engagement with the world around her.

These are poems of very thoughtful observation. Glimpses of the natural world …..’. Brian Edwards

Barbara is an accomplished and published poet.

Books available from BookPod Publishing or BookFace Port Macquarie. (ISBN 978-0-6489700-0-2)

Saving Hollow Woods

Wendy Haynes’ latest book for 8-12 year-olds.

Why is there a door in a tree trunk?

Twelve-year-old orphans Gertrude and Tristan find themselves on a train heading for the countryside to live on a farm where they discover a hidden door deep in the woods – life on the farm soon takes a twist. Once through the door, they find themselves in Hollow Woods the land of the Elves. Strange things start to happen which threaten the very existence of Hollow Woods. Can Gertrude and Tristan help save Hollow Woods from the Evil High Elf Folmar?

Join Gertrude and Tristan and unusual friends on a journey of new beginnings, discovery, believing anything is possible, 

Available from Inprint Publishing

Hayden’s Bedtime

Written by Wendy Haynes: Illustrated by Brett Curzon

For children aged three to six years.

Hayden begs his dad to check not just under his bed but behind his door, inside his cupboard and in his drawer to allay his fears about the legendary ‘monster under the bed’.

Available from Inprint Publishing, Book Face, Port Macquarie and online bookstores.

Weird and Wonderful

Weird and Wonderful book cover

A recent work by the inimitable Bessie Jennings.

A marvellous book of verse containing black & white illustrations with a cover in colour featuring father emu wearing a ‘MR MUM’ label. Several of the verses – about ‘weird’ Australians – are animals, including the award-winning MYRTLE THE TURTLE – and would appeal to children. Others are about ‘wonderful’ Australians, e.g. award-winning IN THE SLEEPER-CUTTING DAYS and NAMES ON THE CENOTAPH.

Verses for all ages.

Bessie can be contacted on 6583 5255 or 0419 482 828.

$5/copy or $6 posted.