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Port Writers Celebrates 6 Years

    A small group of writers combined to form Port Writers back in 2015. Six years later the group still meets monthly and hosts a regular 500-word competition and an annual open writing competition. Amongst the business of running a group, the writers write and gather to share stories, ideas, trials and thoughts.

    To mark turning 6, a challenge was set to reveal a character, book or author that started with the letter ‘S’. Written clues were shared enhanced by costuming effects.

    Authors Mary Stewart, Patsy Adam Smith and Catherine Helen Spence and an array of characters – The Saint, Tom Sawyer, Sherlock Holmes and Shylock took centre stage as our members dressed as surprise characters/authors/books.

    Port Writers Turns 6

    Apart from the fun, there was quite a lot of learning as a by-product of this challenge as we found out about authors, books and characters we didn’t all know about.

    Finishing off the frivolities was a sumptuous cake which even the finickiest eaters enjoyed and an acknowledgment of the efforts of the originators of the group and its ongoing members.

    The more the merrier they say – come and join us as we head for year seven!