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Doors Close: Doors Open

It’s a very sad day today. This was to herald the start of our Grassroots Writers Weekend to be held in Port Macquarie this year. Covid-19 erupted and instead of welcoming writers from far and wide, we had to hunker down in our virtual spaces and write. But even in the most difficult of times, opportunities can spring forth (even it’s Autumn). Port Writers proudly announce the 2020 Open Writing Competition.

Frank wins Port500

Frank Urban – Port500 Winner

At our latest meeting, members and guests voted on a quality collection of stories entered for the Port500 using specific words and phrases. Frank Urban was a clear winner with his 500 words stretching the imagination in a concoction involving Donald Trump and Greta Thunberg. January was a fun meeting with a visual prompt exercise run by Tom Penrose. Fascinating to see the varied viewpoints of the prompt from different writers. Just goes to show how everything is filtered by our experience, knowledge and emotion. It reinforces the point that, even though other people may have written something before, they… Read More »Frank Urban – Port500 Winner

Grassroots Writers Weekend Ramping Up

Great news! The full program for the Grassroots Writers Weekend is now available and the writers presenting are locked in. It’s all systems go! Click on the links to check out the details. Take the weekend to salivate over which sessions you most want to attend because BOOKINGS open MONDAY 3rd February. OOhhhh, the excitement is in the air. Make sure you schedule the 27th-29th March as unavailable because you’ll be soaking up the inspiration, content and collegiality that is Grassroots. Spaces are limited due to room sizes so don’t miss out!

Grassroots Writers – Program Almost Ready

We are getting excited. There is a collection of wonderful presenters who have nominated to conduct some super-useful sessions for our Grassroots Writers Weekend. Can’t name names yet until it’s official but make sure you have those dates in your diary because you won’t want to miss out on what’s heading your way. March 27-29 inclusive Port Macquarie Very economical entry fee If you write fantasy, memoir, crime, non-fiction, screenplays, poetry, historical fiction or another genre, we’ve got you covered. If you want to practice your craft and deepen those skills, we have you covered. If you want to learn… Read More »Grassroots Writers – Program Almost Ready

Grassroots Writers Weekend 2020

It’s on its way! Grassroots Writers Weekend will be in Port Macquarie from March 27 through to March 29 in 2020. What a great way to get your new writing year well underway. Mingle and learn all weekend. Grassroots was conceived as a community event, run by the community, for the community. Writers gather together to share what they know and collaborate (or commiserate) on the world that is writing. Put the dates in your diary now. More details to come as the event takes shape.

The Port 500 Competition – Just For Us

Flash-fiction is a great way to produce some terrific writing, especially if you are under a deadline. A flash-fiction competition enables you to access ideas and turns of phrase which you may not find when you sit down to write in a longer, more peaceful mode. It doesn’t suit everyone but it’s another tool in the arsenal of writing methods. Port Writers introduced the Port500 in October, 2019. The aim is to incorporate a set of assigned prompts into a complete story using only 500 words. Hence, Port500. We even made up a nifty trophy that you can proudly display… Read More »The Port 500 Competition – Just For Us