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Melanie Wass

Farewell, Laurie Barber

Patron to Port Writers Inc, 2015 – 2021 A sign of having lived a rich and valued life is the impact you make on people: Laurie Barber made an impact. A quiet and unassuming man, he led a large life of service and significant achievement across different fields. Passing away recently, Laurie’s funeral was at 11.30 am Wednesday 23 February 2022. By 11.12 am, the entire seating in the chapel was filled by 100 family, friends and farewellers. By the time of his service, around 50 more people were seated or standing outside. A majority of those attending were Rotarians,… Read More »Farewell, Laurie Barber

Port Writers 2022 Wall Calendar

AVAILABLE NOW Your own copy of the first-ever Port Writers Wall Calendar – it may become a collector’s edition 🙂 Black and White version with a month to a page, Port Writers event dates highlighted, a quote on each month to inspire you, space for monthly notes, a 2023 mini-calendar, and a place to reflect on the year and plan ahead. Stylishly produced and ready for you to use. Just $10 each – very affordable. $15 including postage. Email Melanie at for your order and we will get your calendar to you. Collect from Melanie or we can pop… Read More »Port Writers 2022 Wall Calendar

Learning to write creatively at Port Writers

Learning to Write Creatively

Being able to write creatively is essential if you want to be read or published. Most writers start out thinking they can write. Some can. Many realise after initial attempts that there’s an endless litany of lessons to be learned. Plot, Structure. Theme. Characters. Setting. Tropes. Editing. And they are just the big topics. When wanting to develop your writing skills, there are two avenues to follow, or are there? hunt for a tertiary education eg Masters in Creative Writing hit the search engines and see what turns up Many published authors are disparaging of getting formal qualifications as a… Read More »Learning to Write Creatively

writing workshop port macquarie

How to Show Not Tell

Come and join Port Writers on Saturday 22 May at 1 pm for a fantastic writing workshop on ‘show vs tell’ with local Mid Coast author, Jacqui Winn. Show vs Tell is one of the fundamentals that denotes quality writing. Everyone nods when it’s talked about but writers frequently fall into the trap of telling the reader rather than leading the reader to an understanding. It’s a technique that is much easier said than done. If you’ve ever felt those words tumble out effortlessly as you describe a scene – you need this workshop. Learn to invoke the readers’ imagination… Read More »How to Show Not Tell

how to win writing competitions

Entering a Writing Competition

Why would you enter a writing competition in the first place? One reason to enter a writing competition is to force yourself to write. Theres nothing like an impending deadline to focus the mind. If you’re like a lot of writers or aspiring writers then you are inclined to put things off – you’ll write when … the washing is done, the shopping is done, the footie’s finished … you get the drift. A whole lot of ancillary activities push themselves into prominence when the thought of sitting down at a blank page surfaces. Another benefit of entering a writing… Read More »Entering a Writing Competition

roald dahl photo by carl van vechten

Advice From A Successful Author – Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl was a World War II fighter pilot and an accidental author who sold 250 million copies of children’s books. Imagine that. “Ideas come from tiny germs and you rattle it around and hope for the best and build up a story.” Roald Dahl They say if you want to be successful at something, find someone to model. Luckily there are clues left behind by Dahl on what it takes to be a better writer. Here is a digest of those thoughts. Create a creative space. Dahl built himself a little shed in his yard and filled its walls… Read More »Advice From A Successful Author – Roald Dahl

Port Writers Celebrates 6 Years

A small group of writers combined to form Port Writers back in 2015. Six years later the group still meets monthly and hosts a regular 500-word competition and an annual open writing competition. Amongst the business of running a group, the writers write and gather to share stories, ideas, trials and thoughts. To mark turning 6, a challenge was set to reveal a character, book or author that started with the letter ‘S’. Written clues were shared enhanced by costuming effects. Authors Mary Stewart, Patsy Adam Smith and Catherine Helen Spence and an array of characters – The Saint, Tom… Read More »Port Writers Celebrates 6 Years

Doors Close: Doors Open

It’s a very sad day today. This was to herald the start of our Grassroots Writers Weekend to be held in Port Macquarie this year. Covid-19 erupted and instead of welcoming writers from far and wide, we had to hunker down in our virtual spaces and write. But even in the most difficult of times, opportunities can spring forth (even it’s Autumn). Port Writers proudly announce the 2020 Open Writing Competition.

Frank wins Port500

Frank Urban – Port500 Winner

At our latest meeting, members and guests voted on a quality collection of stories entered for the Port500 using specific words and phrases. Frank Urban was a clear winner with his 500 words stretching the imagination in a concoction involving Donald Trump and Greta Thunberg. January was a fun meeting with a visual prompt exercise run by Tom Penrose. Fascinating to see the varied viewpoints of the prompt from different writers. Just goes to show how everything is filtered by our experience, knowledge and emotion. It reinforces the point that, even though other people may have written something before, they… Read More »Frank Urban – Port500 Winner

Grassroots Writers Weekend Ramping Up

Great news! The full program for the Grassroots Writers Weekend is now available and the writers presenting are locked in. It’s all systems go! Click on the links to check out the details. Take the weekend to salivate over which sessions you most want to attend because BOOKINGS open MONDAY 3rd February. OOhhhh, the excitement is in the air. Make sure you schedule the 27th-29th March as unavailable because you’ll be soaking up the inspiration, content and collegiality that is Grassroots. Spaces are limited due to room sizes so don’t miss out!