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Kerry Wehlburg

Port500 Competition

Port 500 – March 2021 Winner

And March’s Purple Star went to Mel Wass, again  🙂  Well done, Mel!  We’re really challenging ourselves for April, borrowing from one of the harder Australian Writers’ Centre Furious Fiction competitions The Port500 trophy is the much-contested spoils of winning our monthly short-short competition. Each month we set criteria for a 500 word story. Entry is open to members of Port Writers Inc. Our April Port 500 challenge is to write a 500 word story that must• begin at sunrise.• use the words ‘signature’, patient’ and ‘bicycle’ (or their plurals)• include a character who must make a choice. If this sort of… Read More »Port 500 – March 2021 Winner

500 word story comp winner Frank Urban

Port500 February Winner

And the winner of the purple star for February’s Port500 challenge is longtime member, Frank Urban. Congrats, Frank! Frank had us all belly laughing 🤣🤣 with his story of a couple of blokes attending a Bachelor’s and Spinster’s Ball. It was a rollicking tale that barrelled along and we suspect there was a touch of memoir hidden in the story 🙂 A well-deserved win, Frank👏👏 , and thanks to Mel Wass for graciously handing over the treasured trophy.